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The double. Run Rabbit Run 2013

A really hard double has peaked my interest for years and this year I dabbled with the idea months before UTMB. I thought it would be interesting and a fun experiment to see what I can handle both mentally and … Continue reading

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Speedgoat 50k 2013

Speedgoat 50k The Wasatch Mountains are breathtaking; in more ways than one. There is one point in the course, around mile 23 where you basically climb right up a dirt wall on your way to Mt Baldy, it was awesome! … Continue reading

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The Next Chapter

Why do I love to run every day? It is relatively simple, I run for peace and joy and to be free. You can be free wherever you are; I always try to keep that in my heart. But sometimes … Continue reading

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2013 Western States Video

I am super stoked to share this video of Western States 2013. My amazing Parent in-laws filmed and edited, spending many hours! Bob spent all day filming at Western, getting the perfect shots before, during and after. Debbie spent countless nights editing and putting this together. I’m … Continue reading

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Lake Sonoma 50m 2013

Lake Sonoma 50 2013 I’ve enjoyed many runs in my life; this year’s Sonoma 50 miler was not high on my list. I went into this race debating if I should even start; my knee has been out of sorts … Continue reading

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I started to explore what I put in my body as I was studying massage therapy in 2009. We had a naturopathic doctor come in and talk with us about what our body needs and what might be possible irritants … Continue reading

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Tarawera 100k

Tarawera 100k New Zealand is a land I’ve been looking forward to visiting for quite sometime. Arriving to my first international race to see the world on my own two feet was a dream come true. After a long red … Continue reading

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“Cheesy” Kale Chips

RECIPE – “CHEESY” KALE CHIPS I thought i would try to add some of my favorite recipes from time to time. My go-to recipe for snaking or trips is “Cheesy” Kale Chips. Kale is one of my favorite foods, there are many varieties and countless ways … Continue reading

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Ray Miller 50m

Santa Monica Mountains. Picture – Gary Valle When I think of Los Angeles, I normally don’t think of mountains. I think of way too many people for my taste, too many roads to navigate and crazy drivers to dodge. It’s definitely … Continue reading

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