I live life to the utmost. I love to go for long runs in the Mountains and capture the magnificent creation mother earth has entrusted to us. I enjoy nature and the connection of everything in it. I believe this connection to our earth needs to resonate within each person.  Beginning with our own actions of living consciously, we can create vibrations to inspire individual and collective steps to heal and care for our environment. Living in this moment and being at ease with my self and how life flows, can lead to the transformation I wish to be a part of. I love to wake up in the morning and know that no matter what everything will be OK. I inJoy cooking a variety of organic local foods to nourish my main source of transportation, my legs. I am a global athlete for The North Face and an outdoor ambassador for Injinji Toesocks and Natura Health Products. I Love to Live NOW!

Peace & Love

P.S. Thank you to Ian Corless with Talk Ultra for the awesome running photo header.

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  1. Deb Wolding says:

    Tim…..Jordan put Marc & me on to your account of running the Where’s Waldo race. We are both in awe and amazement. I can’t tell you how cool it is to see how magnificantly you captured your passion and where it’s has lead both you and Krista.
    As your finding, life IS an awe inspiring adventure!!! Continued success and enjoyment.

  2. John Mackey says:

    Nice to meet you and your Father at WS100 the other night.
    I have a few photos for you if you like. Drop me a line.

  3. Thom says:

    Hi Tim,
    I enjoyed reading your blog, and I am interested in a potential partnership. nSphere is developing a local search tool that I believe would be a good fit for your site. It would allow your visitors to connect to a rich source of relevant data while remaining on your site.

    Do you have time to talk sometime this afternoon between 3 and 6 PM EST? Or, if you prefer we have two Webex seminars, one Friday at 12:30 PM EST, and Tuesday at 5:00 PM EST.


  4. Josh Lyle says:

    Good luke dude…I am following your progress on ultra live.net for the western states. I am just getting into ultra running and your blog has been very helpful. Can’t wait to read your race report. I hope to run this years from now…

  5. Hi Timothy,
    First, dude, congratulations on winning Western States; that was a seriously inspiring performance out there, man. It was truly incredible to watch everything unfold.

    I wonder if you would be ok with me emailing you a nutrition question. I’m almost 2 weeks in to mostly paleo diet and am curious is some of the changes that are taking place (not so desirable changes, I mean) are typical or if I should troubleshoot. I know you are really busy as it is—especially with all the WS100 press, but I would really appreciate it. And I promise not to take up too much of your time. 🙂

    Thanks for considering.


  6. Hi, Tim – Congratulations on your great running. I’ve just posted an interview with Steve Phinney about the Western 100 race, and it features your wonderful success. AND, it’s raised a question from a reader, who we can call a fan of yours. Here’s the webpost: http://www.meandmydiabetes.com/2012/08/11/western-states-100-low-carber-wins-ultramarathon-steve-phinney-and-jeff-volek-study/ . . . and here’s the question from the reader (plus my reply) If you want to add anything to this, let me know – Shelley:

    COMMENT FROM READER (JULES) Very cool! But I’m confused- the article is about this guy eating low-carb, high-fat, but then there’s a contradictory statement: “Well typically he probably wouldn’t eat butter or fat anyway because this guy is a super slim, highly efficient, fat-burning athlete.”

    Hi, Jules,
    I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the interview. I believe Steve Phinney is explaining that DURING the race itself, low-carb runners don’t need to eat as many calories because they can rely on their own fat stores for fuel. What’s more, the huge effort demanded for simply running might mean that a body has less ability to digest during this kind of endurance race. So, it MIGHT mean that it’s more efficient, and less wearing, on the body of a super-fast endurance runner to NOT add in nutrients that can be obtained, simply from the body, during the race itself. Thus, Steve hints that Tim Olson probably didn’t eat much butter during the race itself. Now, since the “Bacon runner” obviously enjoyed eating his bacon during the race, and did fine, it is possible that some people eat lots of fat during this kind of race and still achieve a personal best. But for Tim Olson, well, Steve Phinney says Tim’s got a secret advantage based on how he trains and eats. I wonder if Tim will share some bits of his secrets. In fact, since you’ve asked the question, I’ll ask Tim! – Shelley

  7. Joshua says:

    T-Dogg, Congrats on ur recent win! Very motivating. Also, congrats on ur family’s new baby boy!!! Me and my wife have our 3rd on the way….2 boys and a girl on the way…what the heck am I doing training for the 2012 rock creek stump jump 50k?….digging’ deep and kudos to you…u have been a real motivator for me. It’s good guys like you and my bro’s Joel Meredith putting himself out there running the 4 deserts series and Scott Bell new to ultra trail running to keep an old MARINE infantry grunt like me focused. At the end of the day, I’m very thankful for men that are dedicated to keepin it real!!! It’s true…only a few letters separate Selfless and Selfish….self check needed. Good luck dude and Jesus bless you!!!

  8. Terry Lee says:

    Great stuff. I heard a great mantra that you say to yourself in an interview on a podcast but can’t find it anywhere. Can you share it?

  9. Adam says:

    Tim … love the blog. Running is more than moving the legs – thanks for showing us your thoughts and who you are on and off the trail!


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  11. Nenet Susa says:

    Hi tim, been following you for about a year mate. Totally inspired by what you’re doing and how you are living life. My family have just upturned their diet after reading dr.Stephen Phinneys book on low Carbohdrate diets for athletes, then to add fuel to the fire, Prof. Tim Noaks.

    After having a stomach bug, which I thought was food poisoning, and not really being able to eat for 5 days, my wife and I launched into a low carb diet which I guess is under about 60-70 grams? We both run and I’ve ran a 2.35 marathon, after a few years of triathlon and ironman, I watched unbreakable and was totally inspired to get back into running. So I launched myself into it 5 weeks ago. 160km in 5 days, a year in the hamstring left me thing a little to much to soon. I them got a flue, and the a stomach virus. Lots of down time meant more reading, and I new the way you lived, so we went for it.

    Now I must know, was their a adaption phase, because at the moment, I realise I’m very unfit, but I pretty much do all my running to heart rate(Maffetone theory), I feel fantastic but it’s so slow. Did you have problems with speed and power initially? I thought I was fat adaptive but I’m clearly not. Only 2 months ago I ran a marathon along side my wife in 3.48 on only water, but I would have been totally full of carbs because that’s all I ate. Now that my system is depleted of them, I’m running but it’s slow. Did you experience this, and if so how long untill there was a shift? My heart rate could be high due to the Aussie summer and recovery from illness .

    Anyway take care, hope you get a chance to answer this and I loved your interview with Jimmy Moore. Like me on Facebook , I use it as a blog for my buisness as a running coach and massage therapist, all about fat burning and tapping into it. It’s Nenet Susa heart rate based training. It would be good to get a bit of muscle supporting me. I’m really inspired by you mate, you’re a legend and you’re always welcom to crash here on your way home from new Zealand here.

  12. Hey Tim. I noticed in your eating habits the week leading into Race day, you only ate chicken. Is this choice for the race or do you just in general only eat white meat? I have been low carb for about 9 months now and it has really made a positive difference in my life and sports performance. I wonder if cutting red meat would improve it further?
    Any thought?

  13. Congrats on your victory. Your such an inspiration.

  14. Aaron Olson says:

    I host a podcast devoted to running, paleo diet, and finding better ways to live. I’d love to talk with you on an upcoming show for 15-30min about your running, nutrition, and your switch to gluten free, low carb diet. Let me know if we can arrange a time to talk. PaleoRunner.org

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