2013 Western States Video

I am super stoked to share this video of Western States 2013. My amazing Parent in-laws filmed and edited, spending many hours! Bob spent all day filming at Western, getting the perfect shots before, during and after. Debbie spent countless nights editing and putting this together. I’m blessed to have such a loving and caring family who enjoys the sport just as much as I do. Thank you both for all you do, I’m beyond grateful!

I hope you all enjoy the video!


Tim Olson WS100 Win 2013 from Timothy Olson on YouTube.

Tim Olson WS100 Win 2013 from Timothy Olson on Vimeo.

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13 Responses to 2013 Western States Video

  1. Marcus says:

    Great job Team Olson – really captured the spirit of the event and what it takes to get one singe runner down the trail for 100 miles successfully. It was great seeing you all at the finish and I cannot wait to be back for another attempt

  2. Erin Smith says:


  3. Thomas says:

    Absolute great video, insane, awesome, without words, such motivating, just going out for a 26 K run this morning, just see the video, excellent, thanks for sharing and fpr putting it together,
    you are the man with a great future,

    take care thomas

  4. Tammy says:

    Tim, thanks for sharing the video. What an awesome video! You sure rocked it!

  5. Quentin A says:

    What a Wonderful video !!!!
    Many thanks from France !

  6. Great Video!! Congrats on the race win. See you next year at Tarawera?

  7. rundavejames says:

    Watching the end of that video when you carry your son around the track like that was awesome Timmy!…. Great to see Dom out there helping you too :)… Keep running strong & enjoy the UTMB trails!

  8. Joan Roch says:

    Congratulations to all involved!

  9. Ninnó Rós says:

    Congrats to you from Iceland…… You are a legend.

  10. Nikki Dinger says:

    Awesome video!!! Way to rock it out there!

  11. Jeremy L says:

    Congrats Tim! There are many Amazing Ultrarunners, all of them impressive, however there aren’t nearly as many with such an impressive story, positive attitude, and such a humble demeanor. Another well deserved win!

  12. trailbrat says:

    Too Cool! You are an inspiration 🙂

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