Waldo 106k 2012

Grimacing, making the final 3000ft climb to Maiden Peak (8000ft) all I could do was giggle. As I felt myself making faces working up the last ascent, all I could think about was my son. I’ve had two (now three) weeks to watch his every move and one similarity I’ve noticed is that we make the same faces when he is trying to poop and I’m giving the hill some hell (Frosty-ism). It’s apparently hard to poop and run big climbs, good thing practice makes perfect.

New born photo by Kellei Martin

I’ve pretty much been a zombie the last few weeks. Just the other day I put a diaper on forgetting to use the handy sticky tabs to close him up. It has been the best few weeks of my life, but sleep has been done in hour increments and we are still figuring this part all out. (As I write this, days later, we are figuring out the sleeping thing and really enjoying good nights of sleep!)

Cheering Dad on at home!

The night before the race I tucked myself into my tent and slept pretty soundly. It proceeded to drizzle for half the night, but it was refreshing and just felt good to snuggle deep in my sleeping bag. The race started at 5am so 3:30 came cock-a-doodling way too soon, but I was eager to get a good run in.

Trying to find time to get a long run in has been difficult, I have a few more important things to be doing then running around the woods right now. My gracious wife gave me the free card to drive the 3hrs up to Willamette Pass, get a good run in and get my ass back home to tuck them both in. I got my run in, ended up winning and making it back home by 7 to spend some quality time with my wife and son before they went to sleep. It was a really fun day and punctuated with rocking Tristan in my arms as the night dissolved away.

Waldo is one of the most spectacular courses in the American running circuit, it was my first big win and 100k two years ago (2010 race report) and I hope to run this amazing race plenty more times over the years. RD’s Craig and Meghan have put on such a fun race and I was awed how they kept their cool for this year’s race and made it happen even with a fire blazing dab in the center of the course! To the unseen eye, they handled it with ease. But lets get real; there was a fire in the middle of the course, the race should have been canceled. They kept their composure, kept everyone in the loop, made up an alternate rout, proposed it to the Forest Service and Waldo 2012 was on. Thank you to everyone who played a roll in this day happening. Aid Stations were organized and friendly, the trails were clearly marked, it was perfect! I really appreciated all the work that goes into volunteering and putting this race on! Thank you!

Coming down Maiden Peak. Picture Long Run 

I’m not going to go into detail about this race, but I was happy to get my legs moving again and get some much needed training in for Run Rabbit Run 100m next month.  Jacob Rydman had a great day out on the course and it was impressive to witness him take off early and hold such a strong effort all day. It’s hard to figure out the proper way to race, I feel that if you want to continue to have great races in the future you need to lay it all-out there and give it everything you got. Jacob did that and now will be ready for upcoming adventures. He’ll be one to watch next year at WS and I look forward to seeing him unleash on his first 100 miler.  Also a huge congrats to Jesse Haynes who also received a WS ticket and to the strong women runners Joelle Vaught and Denise Bourassa who had great races. And to everyone else out there that gave it their all and finished this brutal course. I wish I could have hung around and witness more people finish and enjoy the after race festivities.

3 miles to go! Picture Long Run 

Finish! Picture Long Run

It was a great time! My family stayed at home to rest, but my good friend Marjorie, who is Co-Rding with Krista and myself in the Enchanted Forest Wine Run, helped crew the day and made my transitions smooth as butter (Thanks so much)!

It’s been hard to find time to get this post up, but i’ve finally done it… My family and i are now relaxing in Steamboat Springs; enjoying spending time with our new son Tristan, having family visit and of course trying to squeeze in as much running as i possibly can before Run Rabbit Run 100m in just a few weeks! I just ran up the ski hill today and this race is going to hurt…i cant wait!

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16 Responses to Waldo 106k 2012

  1. OOJ says:

    Hmmm…this report leaves me wanting… I was hoping for at least one token “Jimmy” quote. Going up Maiden, what about, “JIMMY’S GOING INTO SHOCK!…” or “I can’t hold da wahdah!”, or “I’m doin the best I can!”

    Good seeing you, albeit briefly. Hope you and the family enjoy your time in CO.
    -Crazy Joe Davola

  2. -Was great to follow online during the race…I’ll be racing Pinhoti only about 3 weeks after my 1st child is due so it was inspiring to see that a sleep deprived new dad can still hammer it! Thanks for getting the report out.

  3. Joel Wright says:

    Dude, you are on a roll. First Western States, now this. You are awesome. But you could do too much and injure yourself. I think you’re a PT, so you know this.

  4. cathy (loomis) gruninger says:

    So glad you can spend some time in Colorado with your family. Congrats on your Waldo win and happy training for RRR. I always cheer you on!!

  5. dave says:

    nice job Timmy! way to get to the important “finish line” for the day before they went to sleep! 🙂 You are going to do awesome up in Colorado! Keep Running Strong!

  6. macdawg58 says:

    T.O., I love the pictures of Tristan, and Tristan you and Krista. Way to keep it real, my man. Your spirit will be missed in Ashland while you’re living it up in Colorado.

  7. Paul Loomis says:

    Tim, you continue to inspire us. Please say hi to Lynne at Ciao Gelato on Yampa St- great folks there in the Boat!

  8. the runner says:

    Nice work on the race!
    The little guy sounds like a definite source of inspiration.

  9. Jake says:

    Go get it at RR100. You more than have what it takes. Thanks for the constant inspiration man.

  10. Jesse Krebs says:

    awesome job bro!! i have 4 kids 2 girls and 2 boys i know what you are going through let me know if i can give you any advise. This time is so special enjoy every moment its gone before you know it.

  11. awakemysole says:

    if you need some new running music, the new avett brothers album is legit. congrats to you and your wife on the birth of your baby.

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