Tristan Alexander

I would like to start this post by welcoming my little lion man to the world. Tristan Alexander Olson was born on August 5th at 2:00pm and weighed in at 6.05 lbs and 19 inches long. What a big dude! We are so completely in love with him and are excited to see how this huge blessing to our lives makes life even more grand!

The week before the birth we took a little video of me experiencing running pregnant. I know this in no way lets me know what my wife and many others go through as a human develops in their belly, but i’m sure you’ll be entertained to watch me run around with a 17 lbs watermelon duct taped to my belly…Enjoy!

He has now joined our lives and every moment is pure bliss! We are looking forward to showing him this great world and exploring our back yard/trails. We are already taking him on little walks out on the trails and look forward to testing out our new BOB Revolution stroller with our car adapter for our Britax car seat. Britax and BOB have been kind enough to set us up with all of their finest gear so he can enjoy the trails and enjoy nature as soon as it is healthy for him. My wife and i spend countless hours exploring nature and i hope to instill this love i have for momma earth with him.

Enjoying the trails

Testing out the baby carrier with my little cougar friend.

Bringing him safely home!

Tristan and his DAD!!!

Tristan and his MOM!

Training after WS

After WS i took it nice and easy and just enjoyed running in my backyard mountains. It’s nice to take time and do what i love, just run. I got my mileage back up to 100 or so before Tristan arrived.

With all this excitement it has been tricky to get tons of training in for Waldo 100k this coming weekend and Run Rabbit Run 100m in September, but i’ll make it work. My Mother and Father in-law have been here to help a little this past week which has given me some time to get a little bit of sleep and a few runs in. I’m anticipating some fun times running with friends in the woods and i look forward to getting my racing legs firing again.

After the Run Rabbit Run we’ll be putting on our RD’ing hats and finishing logistics for our race, the Enchanted Forest Wine Run Half-Marathon and 5K! Tristan will be there to root everyone on. So if you’d like to meet him, enjoy some good food and wine and dance the day away with some bluegrass, come and check out our race which is September 29th!

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26 Responses to Tristan Alexander

  1. Maxeen Olson says:

    The video was very fun! How much did it weigh. Love the Bob stuff glad they where so generous.

  2. rundavejames says:

    so excited for you guys Timmy!

  3. J.scott jordan. Md says:

    Congratulations from scott & Sydney Jordan, med volunteers at ws100. when Syd was a baby she loved to get in the pack and hit the trails which gave her mom a nice break and me a nice hike. Very handsome fella! Have fun!

  4. Bob Loomis says:

    Tim, I really enjoyed our time together and run in your beautiful hometown of Ashland, OR. Love your son, for he is precious! Love your Wife, for she is your partner/lover for life! Miss you guys already!

  5. Nicki says:

    I love when your blogs pop up! Your writing is beautiful, you are so inspiring!
    Also, Your wife and son are beautiful!
    Congrats!! So happy for you!

  6. Jill Chwaszczewski says:

    Loved the video!! Will share with Jim!!

  7. Bryon Powell says:

    So how much faster would you say you are when you lose the watermelon weight? Might give me some inspiration to lose my virtual watermelon.

    Ps. Congratulations!

  8. Cathy Gruninger says:

    Krista and Tim, Your video put a huge smile on my face! Too funny…what I want to know is how did the “baby” taste after you finished the run?!?! (:

  9. Rob Sargeant says:

    Congratulations! That watermelon video was the best laugh I’ve had in a long time.

  10. Ian Torrence says:

    The beer came out of my nose and then trickled down my computer screen! Thanks for the visual Timmy! Congrats to you and Krista once again!

  11. April Tock says:

    Your little boy is adorable!! I have little boys also. I would like to suggest a different style baby carrier for you though-a wrap. The brand of the one I had was Maman Kangaroo. It holds the baby much tighter against your chest for a lot less bouncing, so it’s much safer and more comfortable for him and the person carrying him. You can even use it to carry him sling style or on your back when he’s bigger. Enjoy your son!

  12. Love the video. It just shoes how down to earth ultrarunners are. Hope to be able to run with you one day.

  13. the runner says:

    Felicidades! It’s great to see you have him out enjoying the trails.

  14. Congratulations Tim! You have a beautiful Child, a beautiful wife and a Dad’s proud beautiful smile.

  15. Matt says:

    Congrats! Super cute. Have fun at Waldo 100- cheering for all you guys.

  16. Dan Ripple says:

    Super Cool Tim! I have two young boys and every single day, I understand even more clearly what my purpose is and I’m sure you will too! It truly is a honor to be able to be a ‘dad’.
    BTW, can’t wait to see and hopefully meet you at Pinhoti. My first 100!

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