Western States 2012

Thank you to everyone that made this years Western States 100 so Magical. It will forever be a moment in my life i will always remember. I could not have done this with out the love and support of my wife Krista and my son Tristan, this one was for you!

Also a big thank you to my crew of Bob and Debbie Loomis, Cathy Gruninger, Shahid Ali and Carly Koerner. Also my pacers Hal Koerner and Chris Rennaker, you both pushed and prodded me to a new course record! I could not have done it with out your knowledge of the course and your great friendship, thank you.

I am also so grateful for my family back in Wisconsin, who have loved and supported me my whole life. I could hear you cheering for me from Wisconsin, thank you! And to Ashland, my home, all of you cheering for me back there and to a big crew of you who were in charge of Browns Bar (Aid Station, mile 89), great work and great cheering. Also to all my friends who were cheering me on, from all over the world, all day and sending positive vibes to me, i could feel all the love and i’m eternally grateful.

Here are my Western States links:

Race Report at irunfar.com

TalkUltra interview

irunfar post-race interview

irunfar pre-race interview

Here is a video montage of the day, Videography by Bob Loomis, Editing by Debbie Loomis, Music “Into the Wild” by LP

More to come…

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10 Responses to Western States 2012

  1. Colin says:

    Great job on your run and win Timothy! You’re an inspirational person and athlete.

  2. runariran says:

    You make it look so easy. Well done!

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  4. Jon Allen says:

    Enjoyed following you the whole race, Tim. Even from a computer, it was amazing to watch. You would have enjoyed the comments on the iRF board that “Once Tim’s shirt comes off, he’s a lock for the win.” Congrats.

  5. Carrie vellella says:

    What an inspiration you are Tim! Congratulations on your amazing accomplishment. We are enjoying reading all about your races and the emotional journey prepping for them as well as the exciting moment when you will be a dad!

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  7. Phil says:

    Been following you for a year or two now. I always play the WS vid of you at Michigan Bluff before I do a long run. I am 57 and everyone thinks I’m nuts to do this but you are my inspiration……and I was in tears at the end of this. Thank you

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