It’s a Boy!

We have wanted to share this for the past couple of months, but have anxiously kept our yaps shut. Now I can scream it from every mountain top I summit, “I am going to be a poppa and we are going to have a baby boy!”


Proud parents to be. Picture by Brett Rivers

In December my wife ran her first Ultra, the North Face 50k. She has recently caught the ultra bug as well and was extremely excited to finish her first ultra strong and with so many close friends. The next day she had a whimsical grin on and had just come back from the store with a pregnancy test. I was leaving, on business, for a few days and she had the feeling something was happening inside her. A few moments later, we found out not only had she ran her first Ultra, but our little baby boy had been prodding her mommy along and ran his first ultra as well (maybe with a little help from mom).

My other thought, when we found out about our baby was a classic George Costanza line, “My boys can swim, my boys can swim!”

This has been a dream come true and I have never been more excited than now with this new journey we are about to embark on.  This feels like the start of 100-mile race; I have so many emotions stirring inside. I don’t know what to expect, I’m nervous, I have butterflies like when I first saw my wife. I pray I can be the best dad for this child, like my father. Even with this suspense of what’s to come, I have no doubts in myself; I am filled with love and will do everything in my strength to be there for my son in anything and everything he chooses to do. Of course I will mess up sometimes, but I will keep learning and be a strong foundation that him and his mother can always depend on. I’m sure covering a 100 miles will be nothing to what I’m diving into and my only thought is, I can’t wait!

Blissful parents 18 weeks in and we just found out Friday it’s a boy! Picture by Marjorie Gosling

Inevitably this will change racing, but I think it will only grow my passion for running in the mountains.  I hope to spend many hours hiking with my boy through the trails of Oregon and beyond. I hope to instill a deep love for nature and the connection I feel with all of life. With the addition of sponsored gear from BOB strollers and Britax car seats and organic baby carriers, we will be sporting the very best of baby running gear which (once our little man is old enough) will allow us to keep enjoying the trails and enabling us to get our son out in nature, breathing in fresh air, soaking in the sun and living every magical moment to the utmost.

I’m very grateful for all the love and support we receive from our generous and loving family, friends, running enthusiasts, community and sponsors. Thank you for everything you do and please continue to be in my family’s life as we take on our biggest adventure yet.

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19 Responses to It’s a Boy!

  1. Auntie Eileen says:

    Congratulations! Much love to the 3 of you.

    It will be the hardest job you will ever love!

  2. Krista Marie Olson says:

    Excited for the many adventures and magical moments that await us. Our little boy is very lucky to have you as his Dad!

  3. Nikki Dinger says:

    So excited for you both! Congrats!

  4. e kanning says:

    Huge congrats! Being a father if the best thing that has ever happened to me. Its the hardest adventure you will undertake but certainly the most fulfilling.Thanks for sharing your joy. Ironically, my wife is 20 weeks along and we are having our first boy too. Lets scream it from mtn tops! Congrats again and see u at chuckanut perhaps.


  5. Jessica Kochanowski says:

    I really really miss you guys! You are going to be great parents!

  6. YES! Fatherhood is awesome my friend. Congratulations to you and Krista. My boy is one of the best things that has happened to me and Maggie.
    P.S. Training becomes more difficulty, but doable. 🙂

  7. Brandon Williams says:

    Tim and Krista huge congrats to you both !! See you at C Nut, hell I will even buy you a gluten free beer to celebrate. 🙂

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  9. So happy for you both! It’s the best show on earth….I remember finding the gender out the day before Peterson Ridge Rumble a couple years ago and being so pumped up I had an awesome race (much like your Bandera).

    Go w/ the BOB Revolution…I’ve put many miles on it…it’s great! Talk soon man…Hit me up if you’re ever coming through Portland and I’d love to get together for some training leading up to Western States!

  10. goldentrails says:


    I just became a father less than two weeks ago and can tell you that it’s an amazing, beautiful thing.

    Also, supporting your wife through labor is a *lot* like pacing someone through an ultra. I’ll write something up about that.

  11. Anthony Molina says:

    Congrats to you and your wife. Just wait until you run your first Ultra with your son, I did it last year and it was magical.

  12. ScottD says:

    Pretty awesome, you guys. You will make fantastic parents!

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