Run SOB Run

2012 is going to be a dope year!

Of course I’ll be running all over the place, climbing mountains and enjoying many fine trails. One trail I’m extremely excited to explore, as soon as the snow melts down, is Northern California and Southern Oregon’s Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). My wife and I were warmly welcomed to the fun-loving bunch of Ashland’s finest SOB’s, to CO-Race Direct the Siskiyou Out Back . We are so honored and excited to learn from Rob, Susan, John and Erin and look forward to helping SOB continue to be such a top notch event. One Huge addition to this year’s event is the NEW 50 Mile course which will free fall into California, to check out our beautiful neighboring state.  Then we’ll hop/waddle back to Mount Ashland for the Ultra party that awaits at the finish.

This year, us SOB’s will have it all; A 15k, 50k and 50 miler, giving you plenty of great options to partake in the festivities and see first footed what Ashland trail running is all about. It’s going to be a great time and I hope many of you can come out and join us on July 14th.

Me and Skaggs after he destroyed me in 2010.

We are opening up registration to the public on March 1st, TODAY/NOW, so make sure your internet and endurance is strong as you pump yourself up for 2012’s Siskiyou Out Back. The races fill up fast every year, so make sure you jump at this opportunity and start your training today!

Trail running has inspired me to enjoy each and every moment in life.  I have fallen in love with the mountains and I want to inspire others to join in and play in the woods.  I feel blessed to get to run so many great races and so, I want to give back, to people like you, who have shown me this lifestyle. To do so, this year I’m not just running races but putting some races on as well.  I welcome your feedback and any pointers that can help me make the races I help put on even more of a special occasion for you and yours.

Making this event even more exciting is the addition of our generous sponsors. First Endurance is making our events environmentally friendly with reusable flasks of EFS Liquid Shot filled with the perfect blend of calories, electrolytes and amino acids to bring you bonk free to the finish. Aid stations will also be fully stocked with flask refills of EFS liquid shot, EFS drink to quench thirst and replenishing electrolytes and of course (at the finish) my favorite post race recovery drink Ultragen to speed recovery and keep you running strong as soon as you cross the finish line! This is such a great product to have at this years race, products I use everyday.

Other amazing sponsors include, Pearl iZUMi with their top notch trail shoes and running attire for our overall and age group winners. Pearl iZUMi keeps you looking boombastic in their light and efficient running gear as you summit peaks and venture off into the wild and run like an animal.  Other prizes include, Smith Optics, bringing you their stylish and sporty sunglasses, helping you to keep your eyes focused on the trails no matter what flies your way! Other goodies include, the New hydration company that is turning heads on the market, UltrAspire will be apart of our great sponsors as well. Their handhelds and packs are amazing and I cant wait for more people to try them out.

A huge THANK YOU to our sponsors, volunteers and runners who are making this race so exciting. Continue to look out for more races to come as my wife and I have a magical race lined up for Southern Oregon’s Wine Country.  The Enchanted Forest Wine Run Half-Marathon and 5k on September 29th, which weaves through Wooldridge Creek’s gorgeous vineyards and into the moss canopied trees of the enchanted forest. The trails take you up to breath taking views, around some of the best single track I’ve run and lets you fly back down to the winery for excellent wine, delicious food and foot stopping music for all. Come and check it out!

Like us on Facebook: Siskiyou Out Back & Enchanted Forest Wine Run.

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5 Responses to Run SOB Run

  1. Scotty Kretz says:

    Well, you’ve officially gotten my cash-strapped self wanting to head up ot Oregon in July for the SOB 50 miler. My girlfriend’s not going to be happy with this.

    And the artwork for the Enchanted Forest Wine Run is beautfiul. Almost makes me want to run it for the t-shirt alone.

    • Thanks Scotty!
      It will be worth the trip! 🙂

      My wife did the artwork and we are very excited with how it turned out. Maybe you can bring the GF to this one:) You cant go wrong with beautiful trails and wine!


  2. Viper says:

    nice write-up Tim, looks like a great race. need to make it out to Oregon soon to check out all these great trails. i’m interested in trying out some first endurance product as well, obviously they have a huge crew in the ultra community – going to read further about the liquid shot & ultra gen. thanks for the info –

    • We will be sending out a code in May for a discount Off First Endurance products so you can practice with them before the race.
      Vanilla is an excellent option for the Liquid Shot and cappuccino Ultragen is amazing and so delicious.
      Be well,

      • Viper says:

        oh nice, good stuff. Scott said that Robert is putting the PI teams nutrition plans up on the blog soon too. that will be excellent read to give an idea of product/strategy/timing.

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