Rest is over.

Well, I have had 3 weeks of absolutely no running, ok I freaked out one day and went for a 20 min jaunt, but basically 3 weeks with no running. I feel good.

After a long season of running my body was screaming for some time off, I’m normally a little stubborn, but thought I would see if I could do a little cross training and let my body reset itself, heal up some plantar fasciitis and other niggles that need healing.  My wife wanted to try out a gym membership for the winter and get her legs back after her first 50K. I thought it would be smart to join her, do a little cross training and spend some time in the sauna stretching, massaging and sweating out some toxins.

I now crave the trails even more and am so excited to get back into by daily routine. A peaceful couple hour run, 3000 ft of climbing and the much-needed quiet time I enjoy in my daily trek climbing mountains and weaving the trails. This is what I was missing, my body was happy to rest and is now ready for another packed season of running.

Rest is an important part of taking care of your body and I feel the key to a long enjoyable life of running is the moments of rest. Ultra running can be very demanding on your body’s joints, muscles, organs, hormone producing glands and mind. Taking a moment to let it sink in, look back at all the fun times and get excited for more is something I hope to do every year.

I guess I should start running again 🙂

Now that I’ve had time to add on a few pounds, kick the feet up and bum around the house in sweats just a little more then usual, I’m ready to start running. My first couple runs have felt amusingly awkward. Sometimes running can feel effortless, like floating.  I find it comforting to fumble and stumble through these last few days’ efforts, as I know I am building a strong foundation to build on throughout the year.

My plan is to progressively keep adding miles the next few weeks until I’m back to 100 or so a week. After that feels comfortable and the legs respond I will start incorporating some tempo work and increase my effort each week until races are upon me. I’m really looking forward to where ultra running is going and I look forward to being a part of some exciting events this year in beautiful places.

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5 Responses to Rest is over.

  1. … and a well deserved rest it was. You had an amazing season. Looking forward to seeing you kill it in 2012!

  2. cathy (loomis) gruninger says:

    Great post, Tim. Glad to hear you listened to your body, and as difficult as it was, you know you did the right thing. Happy training and hope to fly out to see you run in June.

  3. Ha! Great monkey picture. Best of luck this year.

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