Recent Articles

Hope y’all are doing well. 🙂

I thought I would post some recent articles I’ve been in the last couple weeks. Hope you enjoy…

Here is a link to Tony Krupicka’s article with Running Times where he talks about Ultra’s becoming more competitive. He gives me a shout out in it, which was a HUGE compliment. He is one of a few people who have inspired me to push beyond what I thought was possible and be free running in the mountains. I feel we share a connection through our love and joy of nature and running up to a peak every morning. Thanks Tony!

Here is an interview I did with Abraham Louis who’s recently been on some cool journeys across America by foot and bike. I met him at White River 50 miler 2 years ago and he’s a fellow Wisconsinite like myself. I’m looking forward to going back to Wisconsin this May for a good run at the Ice Age 50 miler.

Thanks for following, I will be posting again soon to let you know how training has been going since my Bandera 100K win and exciting things happening down the trail.


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2 Responses to Recent Articles

  1. Matt Gunderson says:

    Hey Timothy,
    That must be a huge rush and feel super duper awesome to have your ultra running peers giving you some killer kudos. I am sincerely stoked for you! Inspired even more upon waking for my run today and excited for spring to come- to run higher up the mountain with the wildflowers pokin, up. Until then, I will embrace the winter chill.
    Take it easy-

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