TransRockies 2011

I was privileged to run TransRockies or big kids camp a few weeks back and am finally getting around to writing about it. Running has brought me to lots of breathtaking spots while meeting incredible people and TransRockies was no exception. The Rockie mountains are pretty neat and I was able to run across many a fine vistas in our route from Buena Vista to Beaver Creek.

Coming up Hope Pass

In this expedition from camp to camp I was joined by my good friend Ian Torrence (You can check out his write up about it here) who is one of the key contributors of prodding me along to my love of the trails. When I first moved to Ashland three years ago he was one of the first people I became good friends with and he just so happened to be an amazing Ultra runner. He would invite me out to group runs on the weekends that seemed to get longer and harder as he realized I could sorta keep up. I thought he was trying to kill me at the time, but I’m so grateful for his help in starting the fire that has turned into my passion for running in the mountains.

Team Jerseys, matching sweaters.

Fast forward three years and Ian and I are back at it again (shake n bake) as teammates on the Pearl iZUMi running team. If you would have told me 3 years ago that I would be running through the Rocky Mountains, traveling 120 miles in 6 days,  I would say you’re nuts. Turns out I am nuts and I love to run 100+ miles a week on a weekly basis. So when you add good friends and the Colorado Rocky Mountains, it turns into one of the best vacations someone could have.

Ian was a great partner to have out on the trails. We ran hard, but also made sure to have lots of fun, soak in the beauty and not stress about the racing side of the event. We accomplished all three; many memories of fun times, beautiful 360 degree views and we also rolled into 6th place with a total time of 18 hours and 57 minutes.

Collegiate Peaks, including Mt. Harvard, Mt. Oxford, Mt. Yale, Mt. Princeton and Mt. Columbia.

The more time I spend out in the mountains the deeper my passion grows for running in them. Jumping from rock to rock, skipping over roots and trees and feeling a true connection to the simplicity of nature around me. The back drop of huge mountain peaks (14ers) like Mount Elbert (Hey hey hey) or Mount Massive were just incredible to feel their presence as we passed around them like ants weaving their trails and dwarfed by their greatness. How blessed I am to have experienced these moments in the mountains, just by the fact that I started ultra running as a fun little hobby to better understand my muscles through massage school a few years ago.

Valley from Hope Pass

On our daily runs through the Rockies I brought my camera with me and was able to capture some of the views for you to check out. If you have a chance I would just go look for yourself, but here is some beta for you to make that decision later.

Collegiate Peaks

Aspen grove

Mt Massive and the Twin LakesTeam Salomon, Rickey Gates and Anna Frost

Thank you Pearl iZumi and Nathan Hydration for helping me get to explore such fun areas. And to my amazing wife who understands my love for running like a wild man through the woods on a daily basis.

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9 Responses to TransRockies 2011

  1. Ian Torrence says:

    It was a pleasure my man! Truly an awesome experience…and now…

    See ya on the trails. Cheers!

  2. dave says:

    Awesome pics! Fun times!

  3. Lance Cummins says:

    Looks like it was a good time! Enjoyed reading this.

  4. Andres Santiago says:

    Dude sweet recap of TRR! It was nice running with you out there.

    Andres Santiago

  5. Jacob Rydman says:

    sweet dude, thanks for the pics and write-up; glad you enjoyed it. see you in san fran for tnf 50, should be a good time.

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