Hood to Coast at the 10th Annual ashland independent film festival


Enjoying life and running go hand in hand with me. Basically any day I have the chance to go and prance around in the great outdoors, it’s a good day. Running brings me to life and fills me up with enough endorphins to prod around blissfully the rest of the day. Running by myself or with some friends are equally enjoyable. So when I had the chance last year to run the worlds largest relay race, Hood to Coast, with some friends and family I was all in. Hood to Coast is a relay event where you run stages from Mt Hood to Seaside, Oregon for an 197 mile pilgrimage. It would have been a fun adventure and good way to celebrate my 27th birthday.  But, good Friends Hal (AIFF sponsor of Hood to Coast – Rouge Valley Runners) and Carly had other plans and were married this past August on the same day which turned into a day to celebrate life and their journey together. I wasn’t able to run the race, but recently was able to live it through the legs and eyes of others through an inspiring documentary called Hood to Coast.

This moving film will be debuting this Thursday and Saturday during the 10th annual ashland independent film festival where my beautiful wife Krista spends her working hours! I’m blessed to live in such a great city and state where I have the opportunity to check out fresh independent films and run races all over this splendid state.

If you are interested you can read more about the film and even get tickets to it at the ashland independent film festival this weekend, April 7-11, 2011. Check it out for yourself here. Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

Map of course

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