Extremely thankful for all the help and love that went into the inaugural Pine to Palm 100-mile endurance run. A big shout out to Hal, Carly and Ian, for making this all possible. A special thanks to Hal’s parents, Hal and Diane, who came down just to help with a lot of the logistics of race day fun. Thank you to Daniel Newberry who covers these races so well and writes great articles about running. Our medical leader Kelly Lange and her wonderful staff of Whitt, Kelly’s dad and Darcy.  And a huge shout out to everyone else involved whether it be trail marking, aid station leaders and crew and just to everyone out there living it up in the rain helping, cheering and crewing. You all made this into a huge success and a lot of fun. So thank you Rob, Sandi, John, Erin, EP, Erik, Brian, Craig, Anne, Ben, David, Kalesh, Amma la, Joseph, Sarah, Leland, Meghan, Karolina, Doug, Melissa, Desiree, Jeff, Maya, Nikki, Renn, Shahid, Mike, Heidi, Joanne, Jenn, Chuck, Nick, Meghan, Josh and to everyone else that I might have forgotten. THANK YOU!

Extremely grateful for my beautiful wife Krista who is my light and does so much for me in crazy running and every moment in between.  A BIG thank you to my Father and Mother In-law, Bob & Debbie Loomis, who came from Wisconsin to help crew and cheer me on, oh and feed me lots of good food for the days that followed. Thank you to my lifesaver, Aaron who paced me in the last miles and even gave me the shirt off his back. I would have frozen without you.
Thank you all; for all your love, support, prayers, intentions, vibrations and just high energy all day.
It means so much!

100-milers test endurance in Pine 2 Palm

September 20, 2010

By Daniel Newberry

for the Mail Tribune Check out the article here

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